We use technology to turn buildings into energy producers instead of users.

Through design and optimisation, MIRIS plans to transform the spaces where people live and work into adaptive energy positive eco-systems.

What do we do

Integrated sustainability

MIRIS has established itself as an authority on environmental sustainability and has developed tools and communities to understand and account for the impact of everyday actions and items on our environment.

We are making the world more sustainable through building design, energy optimisation, green computing and transparent finance.

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Funding our projects

MIRIS is funded by Green Bonds listed on MIRIS X. The platform allows anyone to invest for as little as 100 Euros.

MIRIS uses a strict Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on projects. This framework sets out that all funds will be used in ways that benefit the environment. It's also verified by an independent third-party company called Cicero, Norway's leading climate research body.

How do we work?

Our platform, MIRIS X

Aligned with the values of transparency and sustainability, the whole company functions on our platform, MIRIS X. This system allows the tracking of funds from investment through to project allocation, budget, spend and returns.

It also tracks the carbon emissions of every project to ensure that everything we do has as much of a positive impact as possible.

How it all comes together


Our flagship project is more than a beautiful hotel and cabins in the arctic. SVART will be a mini smart city that produces more energy than it uses. It will serve as a testing ground for all our technology and environmental solutions, both existing and those yet to be developed.

Our ultimate goal is to create fully off-grid properties and communities that are self-sustainable: independent from the power grid, complete with their own waste management system and recycling of by-products.

Through the internationally recognised design of Svart, it has been proven that the ambitious vision of an energy positive building can be made a reality.

Current projects launched by the incubator

Aurora sustainability

A tech startup, here to help you reduce your carbon footprint through our tools, our recommendations and through you – our community.

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A platform based on blockchain technology that lowers the cost and increases the return potential of real estate projects while creating significant efficiencies through reducing cost and scaling the productivity of the construction process.

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Our team's carbon footprint

is 5 113kg of CO2 per week, which is equivalent to...

8 522

loads of washing

15 038

cups of coffee



Aligned with our value of transparency, we want to track ourselves to make sure that we continuously improve our own sustainability. We calculated this data using our Aurora Sustainability tool.